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Alista is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing love, safety and care to orphans and children with special needs by connecting them with permanent adoptive families. Alista staff have the experience, skills, andenergyto assist adoptive families successfully navigate the complex process of intercountry adoption.


Two of the ordinances of the Ministry of Justice regulating the work of accredited organizations and the intercountry adoption process were revised in October 2014. The texts are available on the Ministry of Justice Website (in Bulgarian).

Ordinance Nr. 2 of 24 October concerning the conditions and process of accreditation of intercountry adoption agencies


Ordinance Nr.3 of 24 October 2014 concerning the keeping of registers of intercountry adoptions and approval by the Minister of Justice.

Why adopt from Bulgaria?

Despite recent reforms in this country and the remarkable efforts of the state and non-government organizations, which have led to an increase in the number of children being placed in alternative care (e.g. foster parents, family-type residential centers), the majority of children deprived of parental care are still living in institutions. The Transformative Monitoring for Enhanced Equity (TransMonEE) Database, established in 1992 by UNICEF, reveals that the highest rate of ‘infant residential care’ in Central Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States was found in Bulgaria (956 per 100,000 children aged 0-3 years in 2007). While this rate has come down since peaking in the late 1990s, still many children in Bulgaria are in need of families.

Bulgaria is a Hague Convention Country, meaning there are additional safeguards by which Bulgaria operates to ensure adoptionsare both ethical and in the best interests of the children. The adoption process is stable and predictable.

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